BC Baseball Academy

BC Baseball Academy

Play the game the correct way

The BC Baseball Academy believes that there is only one way to play this game, the correct way, and everything that is done will revolve around reaching that goal.  Not only will the Academy teams (StarPath) learn to play the game this way, but also all young men who utilize our services will learn how to play the game properly.  It is our central focus, it is our goal, and it is what we strive to achieve.

The foundation of the BC Baseball Academy will be built around very simple, yet important philosophies.


The Academy thinks that every situation, no matter how small, is a chance to learn. Every play is either a chance to repair improper execution or repeat proper execution. Repair means simply “to fix”. If a play is not executed properly, the player is made aware and instructed on the proper way to execute that play. Repairing ties directly into the Academy’s second core belief, improve. When we repair and make corrections, we improve. Repeating proper execution is also a very important part of learning. Players need to be told when they do something correctly so they know the proper behavior to repeat for the future. Being able to repair and repeat not only helps each individual, but it is the goal of the Academy that other players can learn from those examples and help incorporate those into their own play.


It is the Academy’s mission to help each player and each team improve every day. Becoming better baseball players is everyone’s goal. The Academy will have all the necessary tools and knowledge to help a player achieve this goal. It is also a goal of the Academy that each player has this need to improve as well. This ties in with one’s desire to become a better player and more complete player. This will lead to better understanding and better commitment by the player to make the necessary changes to become a better ballplayer.


Simply put, hustle is “effort”, or in the case of StarPath teams, “extra effort”. StarPath teams and players will hustle and show extra effort at all times on the practice and game fields. Hustling leads to many, many positive outcomes and will be a staple of the BC Baseball Academy.


Baseball is a game of fundamentals. Whether it is a simple skill like running to first base or a more complex skill like taking a proper swing at a pitched ball, there are simple fundamentals that improve the chance for success. These fundamentals will be introduced, taught, understood, reinforced, and repeated by the staff and players of the BC Baseball Academy.


Once the player understands the fundamentals and skills needed to succeed, the next step is to execute them. The BC Academy believes that the execution of simple plays leads to much success for both the team and individual. For example, it is widely accepted that hitting a baseball is one of the toughest things to do in sports. The BC Academy will simplify this process by shifting the focus away from hitting the ball and its end result. Instead, our focus will be on having the player execute smaller skills prior to contact. These building blocks will lead to a “proper swing” and hopefully, in turn; this leads to a positive outcome. The Academy wants to break down the large skills of the game into smaller, simpler ones that every player can execute. This execution is the key to continued success.

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